Featured on Houzz : "Photo Flip: 50 Dining Rooms Where Style Is on the Menu"

This beautiful modern home I photographed in Reynoldstown had so many interesting architectural features, not the least of which was an incredible staircase that was on display as soon as you walked in the front door. But that's not all. This home is also decorated beautifully, with most furnishings coming from West Elm. In today's Houzz feature, "Photo Flip: 50 Dining Rooms Where Style Is on the Menu", the huge and beautiful fig tree is what grabs attention, and that's what got this image featured in the article.

Large indoor plants are making a big comeback in interior design. This Atlanta dining room is a good example of the impact that a large potted plant or tree can make.
— Houzz.com

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Styling for the shoot (and a heavy hand in selecting the decor) was done by Shannon Makaila.

Photography: Garey Gomez Photography