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Your work, shown in stunning imagery that will tell the story of your vision. Your portfolio is a source of pride for you, and more importantly, it's a tool to help you earn the business of new clients. Your success is in the details, from the natural light to the exact colors and textures of the materials used. Working together, we will create images that highlight the fine details and the broader design of the space. My photoshoots are collaborative, and I will shoot with my camera tethered to a laptop so we can review the images together in real time until we nail it. I use lighting techniques that mimic the natural light in a space, and bring the details and textures to life. This process is a lot of fun, and you'll enjoy working with me.


Every space is different. Likewise, every photo shoot has different requirements. We will have an initial consultation to discuss the details of your work, and usually a secondary consultation in person on location to compose a shot list. Rates for the photo shoot and licensing of the images vary depending on the number of final images required, and your intended usage for those images that we make.

I want to hear about your next project and talk about working together.