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Hi, I'm Garey. I'm from Atlanta, GA and I work with architects, interior designers, construction firms, and homebuilders to create beautiful portfolio imagery to showcase their work.

Collaboration is very important to me, and through my process we can create a gorgeous portfolio of your work that tells the story of your project, who you are, and what your brand is all about.

I love working with designers and artists who are passionate about their work, because I am passionate about mine, and that usually means we will work very well together to create something special.

On a personal note...

My family is the biggest and best thing in my life. My wonderful wife, Erica, is my partner, both in crime and in parenthood. Together we created a fantastic business, two really awesome kids, named Violet and Victor, and every single day we are adding to the countless beautiful memories. We also have two rescued Black Labs, named Cody and Luke. 

I grew up in New Jersey and moved to Atlanta in 2008 after a short stint in San Diego, while Erica earned her International MBA. Until I fell in love with photography, I really just had one main extracurricular passion: cycling. At age 12 I mowed enough lawns to save up for a mountain bike and immediately signed up for my first race. I won. That set a decades-long trajectory to present day, where I actively race with a prominent regional road cycling team. Although having two kids has slowed me down a little, I still take great pride in playing an active role in bringing home a Georgia State Championship, and many other team victories. 

That's a little about me. Relationships are really important to me, and I believe they are the foundation for just about everything that matters in life and in business. I hope I get to learn a little about who you are, and with that, maybe even create something beautiful together. Please reach out to me to chat, any time!